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Volunteer Clean-Up Day at Surprise Lake

05/01/2023 02:55:34 PM


Celia Baczkowski

Over 20 BHA participants from BHA braved the wet and rainy forecast and attended Surprise Lake Camp's Volunteer Clean-Up Day.  This annual event was held on Sunday, April 30, and in lieu of formal Masa programming in the building, Masa families were invited to participate in this...Read more...

The Past Few Masa Months

02/06/2023 10:16:48 PM


Celia Baczkowski

The past few months of Masa have been a whirlwind of discussion, learning, creating, and singing.  At the start of the year, our students were given the opportunity to come up with class names, and so I am proud to present to you our Shalom Sufganiyot (grades K&1), the Rugalach (grades...Read more...

You spoke, BHA listened!

10/14/2022 01:01:16 PM


Celia Baczkowski

We heard the need and desire of the BHA community to return to an in-person, more-traditional Sunday school experience, and we are planning for it!  

Our Masa school year will begin on Sunday, November 6 and we cannot wait! 

Our Masa teachers are beginning to...

Bring on the Bonfire! Lag Ba'omer is almost here!

05/13/2022 01:17:51 PM


Rishe Groner

Many of us have been avidly following the ritual Counting of the Omer, which takes place every evening for 49 days, between Passover that just passed, and Shavuot which is to come. Spanning the time period it took the ancient Israelites to get from Egypt to Mount Sinai, where they received...Read more...

Masa Springs into the next trimester

03/30/2022 12:24:45 PM


Rishe Groner

It’s hard to believe that less than six months ago we danced against a backdrop of golden leaves at the University Settlement camp, celebrating Shabbat at the first ever Masa Kehillah of the year 5782.

We’ve had two trimesters of learning, growing, connecting with our community, and learning a lot of new and fabulous things, from Hebrew letters to Jewish holidays...Read more...

The BHA Pre Mitzvah Class

03/08/2022 05:13:10 PM


Cantor Ellen Gersh

Every Sunday 4 wonderful students come to study Torah, Pirkei Avot (ethical teachings), Hebrew reading and liturgy. We have amazing discussions about how these ethical teachings guide us in the way we live our lives. We discuss what our...Read more...

Why celebrate trees when it's so cold outside?Tu Bishvat is coming!

01/12/2022 03:43:00 PM


Rishe Groner

It’s below freezing outside, most of the trees have lost their leaves, and it’s hard to imagine the blossoming flowers of spring when there’s such a chill in the air.

But in the Hebrew calendar, we are coming up to the 15th day...Read more...

First Week of Masa

10/13/2021 12:44:23 PM


Rishe Groner


Shavua Tov!

Our first full week of Masa is complete, and with it, our first ever Havayah experience; a bunch of awesome Ma’agalim learning circles; and several of our Kehillah community gatherings. What magic!


Masa: Tishrei Holiday Events

08/27/2021 12:16:14 PM


Rishe Groner

We're getting ready to start the first step of our Masa journey this year, and feeling pretty excited for the new Jewish Year to begin on Rosh Hashanah! It's a time where we celebrate newness, the change in the seasons and the ability to start fresh with a sweet, amazing year.

That being said, the month of Tishrei is jam-packed with Jewish holidays, lots of ways to reflect, celebrate and gather together in community. So we're starting...Read more...

BHA Blood Drive and Masa Picnic!

05/19/2021 02:05:44 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

It’s almost June, and that means it’s time for the BHA blood drive! It also means that it’s time for the Masa end-of-year picnic.

On June 6th, BHA will host a blood drive at the Beacon Fire Department from 11-5pm. Please check our calendar to sign up for a time to donate. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can sign up in advance. Check out this page for more information. Please reach out to others and encourage them to...Read more...

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