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Masa: It's About the Journey


MASA IS BACK!  Sundays and select Fridays beginning in October and running through May.  

Masa (Jewish Journeys) is BHA's Hebrew School, open to children of BHA members ages 5-13.  

All students will meet Sundays from 9:30am-12pm

Why You'll Love It

  • Values Curriculum/Jewish Ethics
  • Hebrew Curriculum
  • Tefillah with Rabbi Brent
  • Music with Luke (our new Music Director) on select Sundays


NEW FOR THE 2023-2024 YEAR

Wednesdays 4:30pm-6pm Learn to Lead a Shabbat Service

Required for B-Mitzvah students celebrating in the next 12-18 months, and open to all Masa students in grades 5 & Up.

Fridays, Semi-Monthly 4pm-6pm Masa Meet-Ups

Open to all Masa students.  Join your friends and classmates two Fridays per month and get ready for an immersive Shabbat learning experience filled with Shabbat prep, challah braiding, crafts, music, and more!  
Masa Meet-Ups will be followed by a Luke-led Mini Minyan, which begins at 5:30pm. Families are welcome to join us at this time!
(Non-Masa student guests can participate in Meet-Ups with advanced notice - everyone is welcome for Mini-Minyan!)

Grown-Ups, watch your emails for Sunday morning adult learning opportunities! 

Deadline to register is September 30th.

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Masa will be filled with Joyful Jewish experiences, including song, dance, art, food, field trips, and more!  We will proudly offer the Shalom Learning program, which includes a Values Curriculum and a Hebrew Curriculum.   The values-based curriculum explores various Jewish values and their relevance in our everyday lives.  Students will learn to use Jewish sources to make responsible decisions and build positive relationships.  Using the Hebrew Curriculum, we will teach your children to read Hebrew, chant prayers, and understand their meaning.  At home, your child will be able to log into the Shalom Learning portal to practice! 



This year, we are very proud to offer the Masa program for $720 per student to members of BHA.  The additional B-Mitzvah year fee for 7th graders is $1000 per student.

Proof of childhood vaccinations is required to enroll in Masa. 

BHA does not require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to attend Masa, however BHA Masa encourages every family to adhere to CDC recommendations for Covid-19 vaccination and boosters. In the case of Covid-19 exposure at BHA Masa, we will follow CDC recommended protocol.  We continue to ask that you keep your child home if they have any symptoms of illness, or if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus.

For more on our vaccination policy visit here.

Deadline to register is September 30th

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Celia Baczkowski, our Education Director will be leading the Masa program.  Celia has been a member of the BHA community for ten years, and has served on the Board since 2017.  She spent over 20 years as a Jewish summer camp professional, and has extensive experience in administration, program and event planning, staff training and supervision.  Additionally, she works as a substitute teacher in Cold Spring, and has a NYS TA certification. 

She is joined by Masa teachers, Amelia Goldstein, Jessica Kessler, and Deana Morenoff, in addition to Naomi Schachner, our new Teacher and B-Mitzvah Tutor.

Rabbi Brent will lead Tefillah each week, while Zachary Bernstein, our Rabbinical Student, and Luke Wygodny, our new Music Director, will join in on select Sundays.




Visit our Calendar to view the full Masa schedule.



Naomi SchachnerWe are very pleased to welcome Naomi Schachner to the BHA Community as our B-Mitzvah prep teacher/tutor.  

During the school year, Naomi is a Religious School and English teacher, currently an ENL TA at Beacon High School.  She has extensive experience reading both torah trope and haftarah trope.  She was raised in a Conservative Synagogue (Monsey Jewish Center, and later, Montebello Jewish Center in Rockland County) and attended Ramah summer camps.  Naomi is very happy to support our students in learning more tefillah and is excited to be a part of the BHA Family.  She will be leading a Wednesday class for Masa students in grades 5 and up on "Leading a Shabbat Service" as well as providing one-on-one tutoring to B-Mitzvah students. 

The non-refundable BHA B-Mitzvah fee of $1,000 covers a combination of group prayer classes, private tutoring, coaching with our rabbi and rehearsals.  We will work with your child to be sure that they are ready to lead BHA in prayer on their special day.  For more information about our B-mitzvah program for students in 7th grade, please contact Celia:



If you have questions about the program or enrollment, please contact Celia:

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Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784