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Masa Springs into the next trimester

03/30/2022 12:24:45 PM


Rishe Groner

It’s hard to believe that less than six months ago we danced against a backdrop of golden leaves at the University Settlement camp, celebrating Shabbat at the first ever Masa Kehillah of the year 5782.

We’ve had two trimesters of learning, growing, connecting with our community, and learning a lot of new and fabulous things, from Hebrew letters to Jewish holidays to ethics and philosophy - and have had an incredible time doing it. And here we go - our spring trimester begins this week!

On Sundays, our Pre-Mitzvah class gathers with Cantor Ellen to practice their Hebrew, spend time together, and explore Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of our Ancestors written by Rabbis 2,000+ years ago and now being commented upon and brought to life by our future Yaldei Mitzvah here at BHA!

On Tuesdays, our 3rd-6th grade group of Rabbi Brent’s Forest Tribes are avidly discovering the ways of being outdoors in nature, learning outdoor skills while exploring the 12 Tribes of Israel. 

Back at BHA, Julia Alexander’s K - 2nd grade group will do fun and creative projects to prepare for Passover, count the Omer, and journey to Shavuot. We have already created Shabbat play sets (including snuggly challot!), as well as making Hanukkah menorahs and scrolls telling the story of Esther.

On Thursdays, Rabbi Brent’s Backyard is filled with the sounds of laughter and maybe some shrieks as our K - 2nd grade journeyers jump on the trampoline, dance around the campfire, and learn Hebrew, hear stories, and chant blessings - and that’s just the first few minutes!

And over at BHA, our Education Director Rishe hangs out with the 3rd - 5th grade group of Magicians, Questioners and Storytellers, learning about the mysteries of Judaism and creating stories and videos to share with the community.

And finally, on Fridays our entire community - Kehillah! - gathers together for a lot of dancing, embodied Parshat Hashavuah activities, and finally lighting candles and singing Kabbalat Shabbat together. 

Our Sunday Havayah experiences have grown into a monthly ritual we all look forward to. In the freezing cold of Shvat (in January), we gathered around the fire and jumped up and down as we celebrated the New Year for Trees and ate fruit in honor of Tu Bishvat.  When we entered Adar 1 (out of two!), we celebrated Mini-Purim at BHA by baking Hamentashen and making our own courage crowns. 

And just last week in Adar 2, our Masa Purim Party was of epic proportions. We danced and swapped Mishloach Manot; feasted on pizza; heard the story of Purim from an actual parchment Megillah scroll; and watched the incredible Masa Magicians Purim Shpiel video


Coming up in Nissan, the next Hebrew month, we’ll be celebrating our Passover Havayah in April and have some special surprises for Iyar and Sivan…

Which means if your children aren’t signed up for Masa yet, now is a good time to get in on the fun!

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783