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Masa: Tishrei Holiday Events

08/27/2021 12:16:14 PM


Rishe Groner

We're getting ready to start the first step of our Masa journey this year, and feeling pretty excited for the new Jewish Year to begin on Rosh Hashanah! It's a time where we celebrate newness, the change in the seasons and the ability to start fresh with a sweet, amazing year.

That being said, the month of Tishrei is jam-packed with Jewish holidays, lots of ways to reflect, celebrate and gather together in community. So we're starting out Masa with a month of events, some open to the entire community, some for BHA-members only, with the chance to get to know one another and celebrate the holidays and this moment of transition together.

Join us for a "Tishrei Holiday Season" set of events, including family-friendly prayer services; kid-only activities; and some special Tishrei Kehillah experiences so we can blow the shofar on Rosh  Hashanah; make meaning on  Yom Kippur; sit in the Sukkah and shake our four kinds; and dance with the Torah before we create a memorable Kehillah to start off the first week of the year - Bereshit - in the beginning!

Tishrei Holiday Season Events:

Tuesday, Sept 7: Days of Awe: Rosh Hashanah Day I, Morning Family Service 9:30AM Registration for in-person service mandatory

Wednesday, Sept 8: Tachlich on the Hudson-Afternoon Children’s Shofar Blowing BHA Members only, registration for in-person service mandatory

Thursday, September 16: Days of Awe: Yom Kippur Family Service 9:30AM Registration for in-person service mandatory

Friday, September 24: Sukkot Kehillah 4PM 

Monday, evening September 27: Simchat Torah Dance Spectacular

Friday, October 1: Kehillah: Bereshit! In the Beginning…. 4PM

Visit our Calendar to view the full Masa schedule.

For information on this year's Masa program visit here.  I'm so looking forward to getting to know all of you, and celebrating together feels like a great way to start!


Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784