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The great medieval mystic known as the Ramban famously said that Jewish families don't come together in order to celebrate the holidays; instead, we have holidays in order to bring Jewish families together. 

We’re coming up on Passover, one of our major family gathering holidays. In order to help more people eat more matzah and get more liberated from their narrow places, here are some resources:

  • BHA SEDER MATCH: Welcoming guests is one of the central mitzvot of Pesach.  If you are a BHA Member, are hosting a seder and have seats to share or you'd like to be a guest at a seder, we'll match you!  Closes Monday, March 4th! 
  • Kashrut + Selling Hametz: If you are looking for some guidance on how to make your home kosher for Passover, you can find that here, and if you want to sell the hametz you have in your possession, you can use this form.

  • KID'S SEDER: For our youngest members, we have a pre-recorded Seder:


Having seder at home - either as a host or a guest - is an opportunity for more members of the BHA community to connect directly with each other, contributing to a stronger community and a more liberated world. 


Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783