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The BHA Pre Mitzvah Class

03/08/2022 05:13:10 PM


Cantor Ellen Gersh

Every Sunday 4 wonderful students come to study Torah, Pirkei Avot (ethical teachings), Hebrew reading and liturgy. We have amazing discussions about how these ethical teachings guide us in the way we live our lives. We discuss what our responsibility is to our various communities. On Purim we gather to read the story of Esther, to dress in costumes and have a party! But there is another, more serious component on Purim, matanot la-evyonim, which means “gifts to the needy." All of the fun and merriment of the holiday aside, the true obligations of Purim are not fulfilled if we do not help the needy.  To fulfill our obligation, we will be bringing food to Beacon Mutual Aid. BMA distributes food to anyone in need.
The class is asking our community to bring items to the Community Purim Megillah Reading on Wednesday, March 16th, and to continue bringing when you come for chanting, learning with Rabbi Brent, Masa classes and services. A donation area will be set up. Thanks to Jess Simkovic for guiding us as to what is needed. 
All foods should be within the expiration date and things you think are yummy. For cans, pop tops are ideal but not strictly necessary. Prepared foods like soups, tinned meats, breakfast foods, snacks and sweets, pasta, sauces and gravies, rice and noodle side dishes, stuffing, etc. Single shelf stable ingredients like oats, rice, beans (dried or canned), canned veggies, flour, oil, condensed milk. There’s also a need for baby care items like formula and diapers, and personal hygiene items like toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products. 
"Who is wise? One who learns from every person." (Pirkei Avot 4:1: Ben Zoma)  Stay tuned for more news/teachings from this wise group of students.
Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784