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Face to Face

09/25/2019 10:49:17 AM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


These days, it can feel difficult, if not impossible, to talk to people who are different than us - different ages, or genders, or religions, or political persuasions. We, as a society, are better at shouting and denouncing than we are at listening and inquiring. 

The Sukkah, however, is a meeting place, a place where opposing energies can be brought together in pursuit of what is holy and good, so in this fractured moment, the focus of Open to the Sky is talking Face to Face. 

There is something powerful, magical even, that can happen when we really listen and talk with each other face to face. This year, the focus is going to be on conversation, not presentation; on dialogue, not monologue. The focus is us - the people of Beacon and beyond. We are inviting the whole Beacon community to grab a cup of coffee and come talk to each other. 

Perhaps you’d like to host a conversation about something you care about - wonderful! Just sign up here. Alternately, just come - the walls of the sukkah will be covered with questions, such as:

  • What’s your proudest accomplishment?

  • What do you love about your hometown?

  • What are your simple pleasures?

  • What was the best vacation you ever took?

The sukkah will again be in Polhill Park on the corner of Main St. & 9D in Beacon, there will be copies of BHA’s Covenant for Communicating in a Holy Community as well as picnic tables, and our friends at Bank Square will be glad to hook you up with a warm beverage. The conversation, we trust, will be brought by you.

We’ll still have some of our signature events, such as the Story Slam, the Opening Potluck and the Main Street parade, and you can see the up to date schedule here

This year though, we hope that by and large, Open to the Sky will be filled with people simply talking to old friends... and new.

Have something to share?  Want to get involved?  Visit

Fri, June 5 2020 13 Sivan 5780