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Listening for the Future of BHA

09/17/2019 03:13:48 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


When was the last time someone took time to really listen to you?  Like, really listen? For most of us, this is a rare occurrence. In fact, being listened to (without rebuttals, dinging phones, or other competing demands on our attention) can feel downright luxurious!  

This fall, BHA members will be extending a listening ear to the BHA community as part of the Atid process....Read more...

Weekend Update: Contemplative Chanting, Shacharit, MASA and more!

09/13/2019 02:44:12 PM


Dear {{first_name}},
School is in session, the sun is shining and it feels as if fall is in full swing! Some highlights of upcoRead more...

Adult Learning at BHA

09/11/2019 03:52:01 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


There are few things which the Jewish tradition values more than study.

This year at BHA, in addition to our MASA program for children, a wide range of adult learning opportunities - please take a look and see what works for you!. Please...Read more...

RISING - Early Bird Pricing ends TONIGHT!

08/25/2019 07:54:30 AM


Dear Friends - 

This is just a reminder that early bird pricing for RISING ends tonight at midnight!

RISING will be a gorgeous contemplative hik

RISING - Early Bird Extension!

08/21/2019 11:43:36 AM


Dear  {{first_name}} - 

We know that lots of people are traveling this time of year, so we are extending our early-bird pricing for RISING till thRead more...

RISING: A Contemplative Hike for the Days of Awe

08/16/2019 01:41:19 PM


Dear Friends: 

We know that lots of people are traveling this time of year, so we are extending our early-bird pricing for RISING till this Sunday, August 25, at midnight!

RISING will be a gorgeous contemplative hike...

Rabbi Jill Jacobs on Jewish Obligation in America and Israel

07/31/2019 11:22:56 AM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


While I was in Jerusalem just a few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to hear Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T'ruah, the rabbinic call for human rights.

Rabbi Jacobs is an old friend of mine and one of the most important leaders which the Jewish people have in this moment. 

Right now, there are two large camps in the Jewish world - those who believe that "Never Again" means that "never again" will the Jewish people allow ourselves to be defenseless and powerless in the face of oppression and those who believe that "never again" means that "never again will the Jewish people stand by in the face of oppression, no matter who is targeted - Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ folks, Mexicans or anyone else. 

Rabbi Jacobs is a clear and powerful leader of the second camp. She lays it out beautifully in this talk, when she says "Living our lives according to moral and spiritual imperatives means that we refuse to allow someone else to hand us our history. It means refusing to cede our Torah to fundamentalists. It means rejecting defeatism and doubling down on ensuring that both of these places [America and Israel] live up to a vision. It means claiming both our authority as religious leaders and the authenticity of our Torah. It means partnering with Israelis to defeat the anti-democratic forces that threaten us both. Because it’s our [obligation] --we have to be here."

For those of us who care about Jewish values living in America and in Israel, It is well worth 18 minutes listening to Rabbi Jacobs here


When people suffer - often for our benefit and in our name - the central religious question we face is “how do we live up to our obligations and responsibilities?” The idea of obligation - so central to Jewish thought, yet so alien to so many contemporary Jews - is a powerful lens through which to see this moment.

Protesting ICE in Goshen, NY

07/03/2019 12:31:32 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

One of the simplest and most demanding teachings of the Jewish tradition comes from Rabbi Tarfon, who teaches לא עליך המלאכה לגמור, ולא אתה בן חורין ליבטל ממנה - it is not your obligation to finish the work,...Read more...

Only Today: Reflections on Psalm 59

06/19/2019 12:45:25 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

Wellness and illness are not fixed states; they are snapshots of a moment, points in time. Nobody can truly say “I am well”; we can only accurately say “I am well now.”

Spiritually traditional Jews...

Atid II-Setting the course for BHA's Future

06/11/2019 10:17:18 AM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


Almost 10 years ago, this community launched a large, ambitious listening campaign which set the agenda for life at Beacon Hebrew Alliance. 

It...

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