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Building Purim Back Better

02/23/2022 03:11:59 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

Dear Friends:

The last thing we did in our communal home was the Purim carnival in 2020; we had to shut down before we were able to read the megilah together as a community that year. So it's more than fitting that the next time we have the opportunity to gather as a full community will be for the chanting of the megilah this Purim, March 16!

We have the opportunity, and we need you to take advantage of that opportunity. In this community, we are all producers of Judaism - and I hope that you, who are reading this now, will make this happen. As you can see in this video, Julie Meslin is loaning a hand (or two!) but she cannot do it alone - will you help?

  • If you are on board to help with our talent show, please be in touch with Julie Meslin
  • If you are on board to help get our building ready after this long hiatus, please be in touch with Karen Mayer
  • If you are on board to help with food and hospitality, please be in touch with Laura Liebeck- Smith.
  • If you are on board to help chant the megilah, please be in touch with me.

To borrow a phrase, this is the time to build Purim (and BHA) back better - and I look forward to doing that with you. 


with blessings,

Rabbi Brent

Thu, July 7 2022 8 Tammuz 5782