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We're building towards an amazing future at Beacon Hebrew Alliance! We are redefining what loving, creative Jewish life looks like in the Hudson Valley.

This is a community built on the big idea that Judaism is a pool of living waters in which to swim, not a precious, fragile heirloom we're afraid of breaking.

We only exist because of the generous support of you - our members and supporters.  Please submit the form below to give to the Kol Nidrei Campaign. 




Thank You to our Donors

Allen Alter & Racine Berkow
Judith ArginskyIn Memory of Pops Arginsky Thinking of you every day.
Ophir Ariel & Lola MacRae-Ariel
Celia Baczkowski & Sheryl Kirschenbaum
Alex Berenson & Jacqueline Berenson In Memory of Harvey Berenson, 1943-2020 Honored father and husband
Steven Bettman In Honor of Alyia, Max, Moon, Wild and Dandelion Cutler for a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful 2023
Ruth Blash In Honor of Uncle Mier Lawee and Mom; Charlotte Lawy
Jodie Brenner & Kelly Plater
Micah Brown & Steven Brown In Honor of Rabbi Brent
Richard Brown & Barbara Brown
Alan Brownstein
Ira Chavis
Ellen Creedon In Memory of my parents, Sylvia and Harry Kirshen
Alyia Cutler & Max Cutler
Ruth Danon & Gary Buckendorf
Deborah Davidovits & Matthew Harle
Randi Davis & Howard Davis
Stephanie Diamond & Ethan Kerr
Ellen Dinerman In Memory of my parents, Harold and Miriam Dinerman
Barbara DiTata
Jessica Dommu & Ally Dommu
Herbert Elman & G.Susan Elman
Phoebe Farber & Craig Levine In Memory of Spencer Everett Brooks
Leslie Feldman & Debbie Feldman In Memory of My parents, Dr. Seymour and Evelyn Feldman My brothers, Dr. Gary Feldman and Mr. Eugene Feldman
Susan Feldman & David Feldman
Debra Fine & Martin Schneider In Honor of Rabbi Brent Spodek
Lyn Fischbach & John Fischbach In Honor of Cathy Harary on her exemplary life
Ilana Friedman
Ginger From & Alvin From
Guy Garty
Marisa Genna
Judith Glazer
Andrew Gori & Alana Semuels
Cindy Gould
Wendy Gross Alexander & Julia Gross Alexander
Samuel Grubner
Alan Haber & Beth Haber
Carla Hall Friedman In Honor of Ilana Friedman and her dedication to the BHA Preschool
Stephanie Hanna
Sarah Hesler & Matt Novenstern
Deborah Howes
Rachel Ishofsky & Mathew Axelrod On the Occasion of celebrating the birth of our baby, who's here because of BHA
William Jansen & Lynn Jansen
Jenny Kaplan & Joshua Kaplan
Hazel Keimowitz
Matthew KleinIn Memory of Margaret Pergola, may her memory be a blessing
Regina Klein
Martha Kransdorf
Richard Kreitner & Brahna Siegelberg
Sara LaHayne & Rob LaHayne In Honor of Arnold Potler and the legacy of Jewish learning he left on his family.
Douglas Land In Honor of Hara Schwarz and Chris Buck
Mel Laytner & Anat Laytner
Stephen Lewis & Judith Goldstein
Deborah Lewittes In Memory of my grandparents, Sarah and Israel Lewittes
Laura Liebeck-Smith & William Smith
Alex Linkoff & Maya Itzcowitz In Memory of Lynne Diwinsky
Alyssa Ludwin & Jonathan Ludwin
Jesse Lunin-Pack & Elisabeth Neuberg
Anna Marcus & Jeremiah Marcus
Karen Mayer & Chip White
Julie Meslin In Memory of my grandparents, Jack and Claire Meslin
Karen Michel In Memory of my mother and father, of Zora and Edward, of Lucille, of Jean, and of Rinpoche.
Keith Milkove In Memory of my parents, Alvin and Harriet Milkove
Jody Miller
Barbara Mittman & Scott Mittman In Honor of Our Extended Family Past and Present, Murray Mittman, Gloria Mittman, Jill Mittman,  Harold Baim & Anne Baim
Rebekah Moran & Mike Moran
Deana Morenoff & Michael Arginsky In Memory of Richard "Pops" Arginsky
Julie Napolin
Itty Neuhaus & Bill Schuck In Honor of Deb Davidovitz, the "glue" (and glitter!) of this community!
Wilda Oken In Honor of my parents; Edward & Julia Oken.
Deborah Olesh
Keith Paulsen
Christine Pincus & Aaron Pincus
Joan Pirie & Izak Breslauer
Joel Pollak & Patricia Pollak
Prue Posner & Joseph Kling
Ruth Ray
Sara Rayman-Sanders & Luke Sanders
Ashley Reckess & Jacob Reckess
Gila Reckess
Paula Reckess & Azzy Reckess In Memory of all of our loved ones no longer here.
Joan Ritter
Todd Ritter & Janette Ritter
Andy Romanoff & Janis Romanoff
Noah Rosaler
Karen Rosenbaum
Barry Rosenberg & Ellen Rosenberg
Robert Rosenfeld & Adrienne Rosenfeld In Honor of Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, James Clark, Freddy Clark and Bradley Grant Rosenfeld
Peggy Ross & David Ross
Anthony Scarrone In Memory of Arthur DeRuve 
Hara Schwartz & Chris Buck
Marian Schwartz
Rachel Sear
Rachel Shapiro
Rebecca Sharzer & Aaron Friedman
Jessica Simkovic & Yaakov Weintraub
Julie Sissman & Phil Richter In Honor of Brent Spodek's impressive leadership
Millie Solomon
Ilene Sommer
Signy Spiegel & Ted Spiegel
Ken Straus & Maria Straus
Elaine Suchow & Paul Suchow In Honor of the dedicated Clergy, Board and Staff that work so hard for our community.
Linda Tafapolsky & Jamie Adams
Ilene Tanchum In Memory of my sister Stacy Tanchum and my father Ralph Tanchum
Jane Timm
Peter Ullian & Michele Ullian
Rick Witt
Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784