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Community Circles at BHA

The poet Adrienne Rich teaches that "The possibilities that exist between two people, or among a group of people, are a kind of alchemy. They are the most interesting thing in life."

For many of us, it is in the connections between people that we can most immediately find holiness.

Community Circles at BHA are a way to connect with others over shared interests and activities, stage of life, goals, or anything else.

There are two types of Community Circles - Gathering Circles and Covenant Circles.

  • Gathering Circles are generally focused around specific activities, and do not require an ongoing commitment. They are always open to all who are interested.
  • Covenant Circles  are generally focused on spiritual discipline and require a consistent commitment from participants. After an initial formation period, they are only open to those who have committed to the Circle.

Circles can be organized around demographics (eg: young parents, empty nesters) , interests (eg: hiking, Hebrew language, caring for elderly/ill relatives) or anything else. Groups cannot be organized around electoral politics (vote for this candidate) or commercial interests (buy this product).

If you are ready to dive in, take a look at the existing or forming circles below, or start a new one!

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Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783