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BHA Preschool Registration 2020-21

We're delighted that you are interested in BHA for your child's earliest classroom learning experience. Our preschool is currently full, if a spot does open we will draw from our waitlist.  You can add your child to our waitlist by filling out the form below. 

For more information on our curriculum and schedule, please visit our BHA Preschool page.

Is your child ready for preschool? Here is our criteria for participation in the BHA Preschool.  


Please read the Criteria for Participation page here.
You can read the BHA Immunization Policy here.  You will be required to submit proof of vaccinations with your first preschool tuition payment in July.  

Family Contact Information 

If there is a secondary contact, all emails and mailings will go to both contacts. In case of urgent need, the primary contact will be notified first.

Preschool Student Enrollment Information

Use the selections below to indicate the days of the week you'd like your child to attend preschool.  If you do not want to select a day, please leave the 'Please Choose One' selected.  Each day notes the number of enrollments left, if a day is "Fully Booked" then we have reached enrollment capacity for that day. You have the option of choosing the 'Waitlist' selection for that day.  We can not guarantee your child’s placement on waitlisted days, we will try our best to accommodate you, but ask that you select at least two days that are not waitlisted.
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