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Preschool News

09/03/2019 10:15:09 PM


Ilana Friedman

Happy new school year, everyone, and here's to a renewing month of Elul. 

I want to invite you to stop by BHA during the week. You will discover, if you have not already, that our classroom has doubled in size. During the week, our larger group of students can now explore, create and express themselves in a space that really accommodates them. This year our classroom includes a library, art studio, nature lab, writing table, dramatic play area, block corner, sensorial space, and story-time/movement rug. 

Perhaps the most magical thing about this new arrangement is that it transforms every Friday at Noon! We shrink the classroom down to its original size, and expand an accordion partition to contain it. This way the downstairs ark and gathering space are available for Shabbat and through the weekend. Special thanks to Deb and her assistant Sam for creating a new custom wall of shelving, complete with wooden countertop and baby gate doorway. Deb also helped tremendously in developing a plan for the magical transformation that happens every Friday at Noon!

I feel very grateful that BHA Preschool's classroom is able to grow this year. With so many families appreciating the opportunity we provide for progressive Jewish education, we needed a way to accommodate more students. At the same time, I acknowledge that big change may be difficult for community members who have invested decades of labor and love in our synagogue, and who don't necessarily get much direct benefit from the preschool. If you feel like scheduling a visit to get a view into the wondrous world of BHA Preschool, please reach out to me at

Meanwhile, BHA Preschool is experiencing another big change. Our founding teacher Diana Cowdery is not returning this fall. She is pursuing her flower business, Diana Mae Flowers, full time. She has set the tone for the compassionate, playful, calm environment we have. She has nurtured the garden we have built with expertise and love. Most of all, our students have gained a deep love of learning from her. It has not just an honor but also an inspiration to work with her. A special thanks to her for bringing BHA Preschool to where it is today.

This year's teacher team will include two other wonderful teachers, Sasha Stim-Fogel, whose son attended BHA Preschool and who has been working with us for over a year, as well as Meghan Conway, who has subbed during the school year and taught regularly during our summer program. With Sasha's artistic and social work background and Meghan's yoga instructor, childcare, and herbalism background, I feel well supported to have a wonderful 4th year here at BHA. Here's to the class of 2019-2020!

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783