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October Preschool News

11/02/2018 03:04:23 PM


News from Oct. 13, 2018 - Fall Greetings!
In the last few weeks we have been soaking up the season with extended time in the garden. There has been beautiful collaboration decorating our chalk paint wall, making a variety of garden "soups", and snacking on noodle beans, oregano, thyme, and one very unripe baby watermelon that tasted like a cucumber! We launched into a corn exploration, looking at different parts of the corn plant, dissecting popcorn kernels, practicing letter writing in cornmeal.
To prep for photo day, we practiced making a range of facial expressions and talking about our emotions. In the classroom, we celebrated "I" as our letter of the week, singing "iguana on an igloo" along with the short i sound. T's grandmother "Gemma" visited us to lead us in a mindful breathing exercise. We're raising a new butterfly species- a black swallowtail caterpillar that had been munching all the parsley in the garden. It's now in chrysalis stage in the classroom! We're beginning an exploration of the human body with our new doctor kit and will be delving into growth and life cycles in the coming weeks.


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