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Purim and Bravery

Our younger students have been continuing to prepare for Purim. This week, we focused on the ways that the Purim story talks about bravery. The children talked about the different ways to be brave, and the things that help people to be brave.

The third through fifth grade students have been working on their Purim skit. They really enjoy getting into character! They also worked on a backdrop and on their costumes. 

The first and second grade students are creating an illustrated version of the megillah, which Rabbi Brent is going to read at the children’s megillah reading on March 20.

The kindergarten students decorated bags so that they can send their own shalach manot treat packages to their friends. The first and second grade students will be making treat bags this Sunday. If your child is in kindergarten, first, or second grade, please send in about a dozen pieces of some kind of individually wrapped treat (eg, 12 small pieces of candy, or 12 small pieces of fruit, or 12 nuts). The kindergarten class also suggested that toys would be a good treat to share, so if your child has about 12 small toys they would like to give to their friends, that would be a good choice.

Our oldest students have continued working on the Passover haggadah they will be sharing with the younger classes this April. Right now, they are comparing different versions of the haggadah, and discussing what themes they would like to emphasize as they lead a seder. They did take some time to discuss themes of bravery, and shared a micro-skit with the younger students, demonstrating ways that we can help each other to stand up for what is right!

Have you signed up to help with the Purim carnival?

Please either get in touch with Leilah Ezra, or follow this link to sign up to help with the Purim carnival if you haven't already signed up!

Coming Up:

Friday: Masa at 4:00, Mini Minyan at 5:30, Kiddush and potluck at 6:00, Shabbat services at 7:00

Sunday: Masa at 9:30.

March 21st (Purim): Kids’ Megillah reading at 6:00. Bring a box of pasta to shake, and bring some other non-perishable food to donate to the food pantry.

March 24th: Purim Carnival. Children’s Purim play at 11:00, carnival to follow. We will be selling semi-nutritious food as well as tickets for the booths and the raffles! This year, we will have the option of paying with credit cards!


Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779