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Preparing for Hanukkah

We spent this weekend at Masa getting ready for Hanukkah. The children learned new things about the holiday, and reflected on some of its meanings. They spent time preparing skits and songs to share with everyone at the Hanukkah party next Sunday.

At K'hillah (our communal morning prayer service), Rabbi Brent described some of the challenges the Maccabees faced after their victory. When they entered the Temple to rededicate it, they discovered that there were pigs inside. Hard enough to pick up broken furniture and clear away heathen idols! Dealing with pigs must have felt like an insurmountable hurdle.

Rabbi Brent shared a reflection from Rabbi Nachman (1772-1810): "If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible." We considered what this meant, not just for the Maccabees "in those days," but also for us right now. Brent encouraged the children to think about what it means to wake up each morning with a pure soul, and to think about reclaiming that purity even when it gets messed up as we go through our day.

I hope that each of you can take some time to reflect on the meanings of the holiday with your children this week. Here is a reminder to continue to collect items for those in need, with these eight suggested themes: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, hygiene, babies & kids, women, and men.


I am sorry to report that Richard Arginsky, Michael Arginsky's father and Annabelle and Lucinda's grandfather, passed away this week. There will be a shiva minyan at Mike, Deana, Annabelle, and Lucinda's house on Thursday, December 6 at 7:00pm. I hope those who are able will show their support to the family by attending. Check your email for more information from the rabbi.

Coming up:

Friday: Masa from 4:00-6:00, Mini Minyan from 5:30-6:00, Potluck at 6:00, Kabbalat Shabbat services at 7:00.

Sunday: Masa from 9:30-11:00, Community Hanukkah party from 11:00-1:00. Make sure to sign up for volunteer shifts! The party will be a lot of fun, and it will be even more fun if there are many helping hands!

This week's journal topic: What are ways that you have made the world a better place? What are ways you would like to make the world a better place?


Wishing all of you the blessings of increasing light!

Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779