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The Hanukkah Party!

I hope that everyone had some moments of brightness over Hanukkah this year. Many of you helped to bring about moments of joy for me, and for the children of Masa!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event possible:

To Leilah Dionne Ezra and the parent committee, for organizing the party and working with the hospitality committee. 

To Jenny Ninyo Kaplan, Laura Liebeck, Joan Pirie, and the rest of the hospitality committee, for making sure there would be plenty of delicious food for everyone!

To Celia Backzkowski, Cheryl Kirschenbaum, and Surprise Lake Camp for taking care of the edible dreidel station and providing bags of gelt for the children.

To Deb Davidovits, for donating the supplies for the beeswax candle making station.

To Peter Ullian for presenting an awesome Hanukkah puppet show!

To Rabbi Brent and Cantor Ellen, for everything they do to make BHA the joyful place that it is.

To the Masa Teachers and students for presenting an informative and enjoyable Hanukkah program!

To all of the parent and community volunteers who helped to prepare food, run booths, and clean up after the event: Abby Miller; Alison, Brent, Noa, and Abe Spodek; Anna Brady Marcus; Christine Pincus; Deana Morenoff; Hara Schwartz; Helen Lowery, Lonnie Klein, and their children Meira, Amit, and Talia; Ilana Friedman; Jennifer Clair; Judy Filc and Nathan Helmuth; Karen Meyer; Laurel Becker; Lisa Price; Liz Neuberg; Maoz, Daphna, and Sahara Ezra; Marilyn Joseph; Michael Nurik; Prue Posner; Rachel Simons; Regina Klein; Ruth Blash; Sasha Stim Fogel; Sharone Vendriger; Sienna Tanaka; and everyone who helped out but somehow did not make it onto the list!

We could not have done this without all of you, and I’m very grateful to each of you! 

Coming up:

​December 14 and December 21: Friday Masa, December 14 and December 21, from 4:00-6:00; Mini Minyan at 5:30; Kiddush and potluck at 6:00; Friday services at 7:00.

December 16: Sunday Masa from 9:30-12:30

This Sunday’s journal topic will be: Have you ever done something that hurt someone else? Did you try to do something to fix your relationship with them? Did that person forgive you? How did it feel?

Winter break is coming soon! Masa will not be in session from December 22 through January 3. Next week, I will be sending out a list of apps and websites that students might enjoy in their time away from Masa. If you have an app or website that your child has found particularly useful, please let me know what it is, and I’ll share that with the other families as well! 


Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779