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Building a Holy Community

This week’s Torah portion was the first of several that will focus on detailed instructions for how the Israelites would build the Tabernacle. The students had some practical questions: What is a tabernacle? How big is a cubit? Could they build a replica? They also had plenty of abstract questions: What is a soul? What makes people holy? Who is G-d?

Our younger students continued their work on items for their Shabbat bags. This week, they made candlesticks. Several of them designed their candlesticks in ways that are reminiscent of the instructions for making the first menorah, or for building the Ark! They will complete their projects in future weeks, as well as making candles to use in their candlesticks.

The older students learned that the menorah was one of the earliest symbols of Judaism, predating the star of David by more than 400 years! Moses was given instructions for how to make it in this week’s Torah portion. We discussed a midrash that suggested that, while Moses could hold the entirety of the Torah in his head, he simply could not understand how to build the menorah, no matter how much it was explained to him. But the craftsman who built the menorah understood how to do so immediately! From this, we discussed how each of us brings our own strengths to a community, and the work we want to do is only complete when we all participate.

At our closing circle, Bekah Starr reminded parents that PJ Library is offering a grant to families who host a get together for other families. The requirements are simple, and we highly encourage people to spend time together, whether or not they're being reimbursed. Find out more here!

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There is no Masa this Friday or Sunday. Enjoy Presidents’ Day weekend!

Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779