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BHA Preschool - Criteria for Participation in Program

We aim to accommodate any child ages 2-4 into our intimate learning community. Because of the limitations of our space and staffing, we outlined these criteria to help determine if we can meet a child's needs.

As you review these criteria, do your best to assess your child, and apply "Always," "Usually," "Sometimes," or "Rarely" to each statement.

Please contact to discuss your specific questions, particularly if you wish for your child to attend BHA Preschool but you answer "sometimes" or "rarely" to one or more criteria.


  • Child walks independently and feeds self.  
  • Child is comfortable to explore away from your side in an unfamiliar setting.


  • Child communicates basic feelings and needs through facial expressions, vocalization, and body language if not words.  
  • Child interacts with others (preliminarily by pointing to show things to others and by copying actions and words for example).  

Pro-Social Behavior: 

  • Child plays contentedly near or with other children. 
  • Child does not use physical or verbal aggression as a regular form of communication. 


  • Child shows interest in guidance from grown-ups. 
  • Child pays attention during a teacher-directed gathering (for group songs, movement, stories, etc.) for at least ten minutes. (If child has not had a formal teacher yet, consider social situations that include adult direction.) 
  • Child sustains interest in independent play or activity for at least ten minutes.

Sensory Integration:

Child is comfortable -

  • making eye contact.
  • receiving the gentle touch of another person (hand shake, or shoulder touch).
  • in a moderately noisy environment.
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