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BHA Preschool - Criteria for Participation in Program

We aim to accommodate any child ages 2-4 into our intimate learning community. Because of the limitations of our space and staffing, we outlined these criteria to help determine if we can meet a child's needs. We are open to discussing exceptions, and if we or you feel it would be helpful, we invite you and your child to spend a morning with us so we can observe your child and decide together if we are a good fit for your child.

A child must meet these criteria consistently for participation in BHA Preschool:

- child walks independently.

- child feeds self.

- child communicates basic feelings and needs through facial expressions, vocalization, and body language if not words.

- child interacts with others (preliminarily by pointing to show things to others and by copying actions and words for example).

- child shows interest in teacher's guidance and pays attention to a teacher-directed gathering, at least for a short period of time (about ten minutes).

- child plays near or with other children.

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