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Thank you to our Donors

Jamie Adams & Linda Tafapolsky

Sofiya Akilova

Allen Alter & Racine Berkow On the Occasion of the Celebration of our 10th Anniversary

Gregory F. Angrist In Honor of Reya Pincus' Bat Mitzvah

Celia Baczkowski & Sheryl Kirschenbaum 

Parker Baczkowski

Ashley Baker & Jacob Reckess In Honor of all the leaders and volunteers who keep our BHA community moving

Laurel Becker 

Stephen Becker In Honor of Laurel, Alyx, Ellen Gersh & Michael Gersh, and my other friends at BHA

Jonathan Billig

Ruth Blash

Hannah Brooks In Honor of Ruth Danon who helped me discover BHA

Micah Brown & Steve Brown In Honor of and Thank you, Rabbi Brent

Richard Brown & Barbara Brown

Alan Brownstein In Honor of the excellent work of BHA and leadership of Rabbi Brent.

Donna Cardella & Joe Cardella

Joanna Chaleff & Stephen Chaleff

Ira Chavis

Julie Chibbaro & Jean-Marc Superville Sovak In Memory of Pavlina Sovak

Jennifer Clair & Stephen Clair

Bruce Cohen & Eileen Cohen In Memory of My Mother, Lenore Cohen, who passed away September 5, 2021.

Ellen Creedon & Walter Creedon In Memory of Sylvia & Harry Kirshen

Helen Crohn In Memory of Matilde Crohn; In Honor of Stan Lindwasser

Alyia Cutler & Max Cutler In Honor of the birth of Emmett Linksman!

Ruth Danon & Gary Buckendorf

Deborah Davidovits & Matthew Harle

Randi Davis & Howard Davis

Barbara DiTata

Joan Ehrenberg In Memory of Seymour & Judith Ehrenberg

Herbert Elman & G.Susan Elman On the Occasion of the Hanukkah Match

Phoebe Farber & Craig Levine In Memory of Spencer Everett Brooks

James Faville

Debra Fine & Martin Schneider

Lyn Fischbach & John Fischbach

Bob Friedman

Ilana Friedman & Bryan Quinn In Memory of Ben-Ami Friedman

Ginger From & Alvin From

Sarah From & Rusty Stahl

Adam Garfield & Jennifer Abrams

Robyn Garrett & Josh Garrett

Marisa Genna

Harold Ginsberg

Stuart Ginsberg In Memory of Phyllis Ginsberg

John Giunta & Erin Giunta

Judith Glazer In Honor of my Daughter, Rebecca Greene and Granddaughters, Story & Colette

Teresa Gochal In Honor of Dear Friend, Shelley Spodek

Jane Green & Albert Green In Memory of Julia Oken

Valerie Gropper & Robert Gropper In Memory of Sylvia Wolf, beloved wife, mother and grandma; In Memory of Harry Wolf loving husband, father and grandpa; In Memory of of Lawrence Gropper loving father and husband

Julia Gross Alexander & Wendy Gross Alexander

Ann Gross & Jeffrey Gross In Honor of Bill Smith's 70th Birthday

Henry Hacker In Memory of my parents, Frank and Stephanie Hacker

Carla Hall In Honor of Ilana Friedman and the creativity, inspiration and light she brings to BHA Pre-Schoolers.

Stephanie Hanna & Aryeh Goldsmith

Eli Harary In Memory of my forever love Cathy! Your family misses you!

Elaine Hofstetter & Bruce Hofstetter

Rachel Ishofsky & Mathew Axelrod

Jenny Kaplan & Joshua Kaplan

Eli Karetny & Taly Karetny

Hazel Keimowitz In Memory of Bob Keimowitz

Ethan Kerr

Ellen Kirschner In Honor of Ellen Pearson Gersh, for making me feel so at home at BHA, and for her empathy, compassion, and very hard work; In Honor of Amelia Rose Popper, my brand new granddaughter-the nachas that outweighs all the tsouris.

Regina Klein

Martha Kransdorf

Dana Kraus

Noel Kropf & Judith Kropf

Yehezkel Landau & Joyce Schriebman

Diane Lapis & Peter Lapis

Mel Laytner & Anat Laytner

David Lederman

Gary Leinkram

Meredith Levick Drachsler

Ellen Lewis

Eric Lichtenfeld

Laura Liebeck-Smith & William Smith

Jane Liquorman

Jesse Lunin-Pack & Elisabeth Neuberg

Anna Marcus & Jeremiah Marcus

Rosemarie Mason & Mark Mason

Susan Matloff

Karen Mayer & Chip White

Keith Milkove In Memory of my Mother, Harriet Milkove, and my Father, Alvin Bertram Milkove.

Abby Miller & Simon Slater

Jody Miller

Loren Miller In Memory of Carole Miller, my mother

Barbara Mittman & Scott Mittman In Honor of Murray, Jill & Gloria Mittman and Harold & Anne Baim

Deana Morenoff & Michael Arginsky In Memory of Pops Arginsky and Jerry Morenoff

Karen Neuberg & Alan Neuberg

Ethelyn Newsome In Memory of my parents, Rose and Murray Engelberg.

Michael Nurik In Honor of Ellen for always being there and for everything you do for everyone

Julia Oken

Deborah Olesh

Avis Olsen

Rebecca Ostrovsky & Paul Ostrovsky

Keith Paulsen

Beth Pearson & Colleen Siegel In Honor of the BHA Centennial Committee

Gail Peiffer & Dwight Peiffer In Honor of my parents, Harold E. & Muriel Morse

Aaron Pincus & Christine Pincus

Joan Pirie & Izak Breslauer In Honor of Reya's bat mitzvah

Joel Pollak & Patricia Pollak

Manisha Ray

Ruth Ray

Gila Reckess

Paula Reckess & Azzy Reckess In Memory of my Father, Alex S. Tuller; In Memory of my Mother, Sarah Tuller; In Honor of the engagement of Ashley Baker and Jacob Reckess, may they enjoy a lifetime of joy and fulfillment together! With love from Bubi and Saba

Gladys Resnik & Sheldon Resnik

Joan Ritter In Memory of Leo M. Ritter

Todd Ritter & Janette Ritter

Noah Rosaler

Karen Rosenbaum In Memory of Great Aunt Ethel Rosenbluth Goldberg, an amazing person.

Barry Rosenberg & Ellen Rosenberg

Robert Rosenfeld & Adrienne Rosenfeld In Honor of Freddy Clark and his hard working parents, Aly Rosenfeld and James Clark

Peggy Ross & David Ross

Andrea Saiet

Gina Samardge

Enid Schwartz & Arnold Schwartz In Honor of Randi Davis on the Occasion of her 60th Birthday.

Hara Schwartz & Chris Buck

Marian Schwartz

David Silver In Honor of the best sister a guy could have, Jane Timm.

Jessica Simkovic & Yaakov Weintraub

Julie Sissman & Phil Richter In Honor of Brent & Ellen's spiritual leadership and Jesse's Board leadership.

Millie Solomon In Memory of Hazel Ann Zeldes and Benjamin Zeldes

Zachary Solomon & Mandy Berman In Honor of all those from the BHA community who delivered us the much needed, wonderfully delicious and generous meals as our little Estelle (and her new parents) get a hang on things. We are so grateful.

Evelyn Stein

Sasha Stim-Fogel & Cate Stim-Fogel

Barbi Stim

Elaine Suchow & Paul Suchow In Honor of the dedicated people who keep BHA going- thank you.

Spencer Szwalbenest

Ilene Tanchum In Memory of my father Ralph Tanchum and my sister Stacy Tanchum

Judith Tantleff-Napoli & Anthony Napoli In Memory of Departed Tantleff and Napoli family members

Judith Taplitz & Paul Davidovits

Jane Timm

Peter Ullian & Michele Ullian In Memory of Robert B. Ullian, loving father, husband, and grandfather, in commemoration of what would have been his 88th birthday.

Marcus Westin

Benny Zaken In Memory of Benjamin Heartford

Jonathan Zane

Wendy Zimmerman In Memory of and Celebrating the life of Talma Ovide







Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782