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Learning at Home

MASA classes only fill a few hours a week. For those who want some resources for use at home, I will be sharing links on this page.

Click here for Music.

Click here for Video.

Click here for Apps and Webpages.


Music can be a great way to learn. When I decided that I wanted to begin each morning by saying Modah Ani, I listened to a lot of different versions of the song. I bought and downloaded the version I wanted to wake up to, and set it as my morning alarm. It only took a few months for me to remember to say thanks for waking up most days! Here is a link to a Spotify playlist of different versions of Modeh/Modah Ani.

I will also be sharing playlists over the course of the year, with songs that relate to what we're studying in Masa, and with songs that deal with the topics we're exploring.


Video is another fun way to learn. We will sometimes use videos during MASA, and I will share those when they are relevant. For now, check these out!

This first one is a fun version of the Aleph-Bet.

Another great resource for videos about Jewish subjects is BimBam.


APPS and webpages

If you haven't already signed your children up for PJ Library, that is an excellent resource for learning at home. Children from 6 months through 8 years old can receive a book each month. Older children can sign up for PJ Our Way, which offers books for ages 9-11. The PJ Our Way website has some limited social features as well. And, for those who enjoy listening to music, there is PJ Library Radio, where you can stream Jewish children's music for free. There is an app for PJ Library Radio, available for both Android and Apple devices.

Practice Hebrew Reading This webpage is a good spot to practice reading Hebrew sounds (and eventually words). The website is pretty bare, and it's easy to quickly move through a unit. If you make a mistake, it will give you another chance to practice the sound. This is good for people who know their aleph-bet and their vowels. It's a good spot for either adults or children.

Hebrew and Jewish Learning This site is a mix of Hebrew learning, and stories and activities about Jewish themes. Many of the resources are uploaded by users of the site, so the quality varies. There are some helpful and engaging options.

Conversational Hebrew This site may be useful for people who are interested in exploring conversational Hebrew. The site offers a mix of video and audio files. Be warned that, once you've signed up for the "free lifetime membership," there will be a great deal of advertising for their upgraded services. I was able to click past those without paying anything, and the content available at that point was still helpful. It's an option worth exploring if you would like to learn some conversational Hebrew.


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