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View the Days of Awe Video Services 

Although sadly, we cannot gather for the Days of Awe as we have in years past, our staff and volunteers have been dreaming and scheming to create an experience that captures the magic of this season despite the physical distance between us. Most of our programing will be on-line, with some opportunities for distanced, outdoor gatherings. 

As we finalize the schedule of events and programs for Rosh HaShona (Sept 18-20) and Yom Kippor (Sept 27-28), they will be available on our calendar, but we wanted to share some highlights here.

View the Days of Awe Video Services 

  • In order to have a secure on-line environment, we are asking that everyone who wants to participate in the Days of Awe at BHA to register - BHA members can do so here, and non-members can register here. The relevant links and log-on information will only be available to those who register.

  • While livestreaming of services will be publicly accessibleall additional communal programming and experiences will be exclusively for BHA members.  We hope you will consider making BHA your spiritual home, and invite you to explore options for joining as a member or renewing your membership. If you have any questions about membership, please email us or call us at 845.831.2012 x3.  While there is no specific fee for participating in the Days of Awe at BHA, we invite you to contribute to BHA so we can continue to be the home for vibrant Jewish life in the Hudson Valley.

  • Prepare Me a Sanctuary: Communal prayer at home is a new experience for all of us. Here are some thoughts on how you might create a small sanctuary space in your home for the holidays this year. 

  • As we will be remembering our loved ones on-line for yizkor this year, we have the opportunity to create a video slideshow of loved ones who have passed on. Please click here to share photos of those who you are remembering; submissions are due by September 15th.

  • Boxes of Awe: We will be creating boxes filled with goodies and love to help our members connect with each other and the spirit of the holidays. Please be in touch with Cantor Ellen Gersh with any questions.
  • Tashlich: The casting off of stale narratives - will be held outdoors at Long Dock Park on the afternoon of Sunday, September 20. In order to hear the shofar while maintaining social distancing, we will be creating a Shofar Squadron - a flotilla of canoes, kayaks, rowboats that will paddle into the Hudson river so that we can all hear the shofar at a safe and appropriate distance. If you are interested in being part of the squadron, either as a paddler (with your own boat) or a shofar blower, please be in touch with Rabbi Brent Spodek.

  • Youth Services: We will have video-based services and learning for children from 0-13.  Please register each child in advance so that we can send you the links appropriate for your child(ren). Children enrolled in Masa will also receive a box of activities to help them engage with the holidays both individually and as a group. Circumstances permitting, we will also have a socially-distanced in person Tashlich opportunity for children.

  • Machzors: The holidays will be richer if you have access to the machzor, or High Holiday prayerbook. BHA uses Machzor Lev Shalem, and there are a number of ways you can get a copy.

Every year, we strive to make the Days of Awe a time of deep reflection, inspiration, connection and transformation. So much will be different this year, but those goals will be the same. We look forward to doing the spiritual work of these Days of Awe together with you. 

View the Days of Awe Video Services 

With blessings,

Rabbi Brent Spodek

Cantor Ellen Gersh

Julia Alexander, Education Director

 Thank you to our Donors


Susan Alperstein & David Alperstein

Ingrid Anderson & Ben Mazer, In Honor of All BHA Members

Judith Arginsky, In Loving Memory of Richard Arginsky

Pamela Armel

Celia Baczkowski & Sheryl Kirschenbaum

Sylvaine Baczkowski

Ashley Baker, In Honor of Rabbi Brent and Cantor Ellen. Thank you for all you do and all you are; On the Occasion of Brent on his 45th birthday and in celebration of all the heart, spirit, growth, guidance and creativity you bring to our community and the world beyond; On the Occasion of Ellen on her 60th! Thank you for the beautiful heart and soul you bring to our community and the gorgeous loving light you shine into the world.

Laurel Becker

Stephen Becker, In Honor of Friends & Family at BHA

Ali Beckerman, In Honor of the Kindness, Generosity and Support of the Special Friends we’ve made through BHA

Gadi Ben-Yehuda

Elyse Benenson & Lawrence Benenson, In Memory of Cathy Harary

Alex Berke-Soloway & Spencer Soloway

Racine Berkow & Allen Alter, In Loving Memory of my Friend, Cathy Harary

Jonathan Bickoff , In Honor of the merit of Izzy and Jean Bickoff (grandpa and grandma), strengtheners of community and advocates for tradition.

Jonathan Billig

Ruth Blash

Daniel Blumberg & Rebecca Blumberg

Helanna Bratman & John Waldie

Gustav Braun, In Honor and With Love for Hannah and Jennifer.

Danielle Briscoe-Craig & Geoffrey Craig

Micah Brown & Steve Brown, In Honor of Rabbi Brent 

Richard Brown & Barbara Brown

Alan Brownstein

Donna Cardella & Joe Cardella

Joanna Chaleff & Stephen Chaleff

Ira Chavis, In Memory of my Father, Nathan Chavis,  its been 12 years since you left us,  miss you dearly.

Julie Chibbaro & Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, In Honor of Judy Filc & Eric Helmuth

Phil Ciganer, In memory of Greyson Leib Ciganer

Jennifer Clair & Stephen Clair

Jennifer Clapp & Daniel Fisherman

Bruce Cohen & Eileen Cohen

Jessica Conway & Justin Conway

Ellen Creedon & Walter Creedon, In Memory of Sylvia Kirshen & Harry Kirshen

Helen Crohn, In Memory of Stan Lindwasser

Sarah Crow & Ryan Biracree

Alyia Cutler & Max Cutler

Ruth Danon & Gary Buckendorf, In Memory of my dear Uncle, Thomas Polanyi, who made so much possible for me, including my life in Beacon.

Deborah Davidovits & Matthew Harle, On the Occasion of Ellen and Brent's birthdays!

Randi Davis & Howard Davis, In Honor of our family whose love was the glue that held us together during this most challenging time in our lives

Marylyn Dintenfass, in Memory of Dr. Nancy Dintenfass & Dr. John P. Driscoll

Barbara DiTata

Andrew Edelman

Michael Effron

Joan Ehrenberg, In Memory of Seymour & Judith Ehrenberg

Phyllis Eisner

Susan Elman & Herbert Elman, On the Occasion of the birth of our first great grandchild, Rowan Scott Elman, born on Dec 7, 2020

Leilah Ezra & Maoz Ezra

Phoebe Farber & Craig Levine, In Memory of Spencer Everett Brooks

Susan Feldman & David Feldman

Daniel Fellows & Ashley Fellows

Lorraine Festa

Judith Filc & Eric Helmuth, In Honor of Laura Liebeck, Bill Smith, and Ellen Pearson Gersh for their services to BHA

Debra Fine & Martin Schneider

Diane Fine, In Loving Memory of Jeri Kaplan.  May her memory be a blessing.

Lyn Fischbach & John Fischbach, In memory of Cathy Harary on the occasion of her life so beautifully lived.

James Fleishman, In Honor of Cantor Ellen and all the friendly faces at BHA who welcomed me back to the Hudson Valley and lifted spirits through our chants!

Marisa Frederick

Ilana Friedman & Bryan Quinn

Ilene Friedman

Ginger From & Alvin From

Sarah From & Rusty Stahl

June Frydman

Robyn Garrett

Ellen Gersh & Michael Gersh, In Honor of Michael, Aaron and Lian Gersh

Ellen Gershman & Howard Gershman

Harold Ginsberg

Stuart Ginsberg, In Loving Memory of Phyllis Ginsberg

Judith Glazer, in Honor of my beautiful Granddaughters, Story & Colette Greene and my Daughter, Rebecca Greene

Teresa Gochal, In Honor of Shelly Spodek

Steve Gold, In Honor of Brent, Ellen and all of the beautiful souls at BHA who make our community better

Stephanie Goldsmith

Dani Gorton

Joseph Gould

Amber Grant

Jane Green & Albert Green

Rebecca Greene & Brian Greene, In Honor of the High Holidays

Valerie Gropper & Robert Gropper, In Honor of My Children, Rachel and Sam Gropper

Wendy Gross Alexander & Julia Gross Alexander

Ann Gross & Jeff Gross

Beth Haber & Alan Haber

Henry Hacker

Carla Hall, in Honor of Ilana Friedman and BHA Pre-School

Eli Harary

Elizabeth Holt & Jason Frydman

Rachel Ishofsky & Mathew Axelrod

Hilda Jaffe, In Honor of My Grandaughter, Sharone Vendriger

William Jansen & Lynn Jansen

Ana Joanes & Ori Alon

Marilyn Joseph

Peter Joseph

Jenny Kaplan & Joshua Kaplan

Eli Karetny & Taly Karetny, in Memory of Len Karetny

Doreen Kaufman & Barry Kaufman

Joel Kaufman, in Honor of Celia, Sheryl, and Parker, Happy Channukah.

Hazel Keimowitz

Ethan Kerr

Regina Klein

Cheryl Koeber & Douglas Koeber, In Honor of Rabbi Brent and Cantor Ellen and all who participated in the Days of Awe services

Martha Kransdorf

Noel Kropf & Judith Kropf

Donna Kushner & Steven Kushner, in Honor of the members of BHA that continue to carry yiddishkeit in their hearts; On the Occasion of Maoz Ezra's Birthday.

Diane Lapis & Peter Lapis, In Memory of Irwin and Shirley Charash

Randy Lashua

Mel Laytner & Anat Laytner, In Memory of Joseph Laytner, Helen Laytner, and Miriam Nachamu Fisher

David Lederman

Rena Leinberger, In Memory of Alberto Borea, 1979-2020

Gary Leinkram

Anna Levy

Ellen Lewis

Stephen Lewis & Judith Goldstein, In Honor of Liora Meital Jacobs Lewis; In Memory of Judith Lewis & Beatrice Sorkin

Yali Lewis & Steven Jacobs

Victoria Lichtendorf & Harper Langston

Laura Liebeck-Smith & William Smith

Jane Liquorman

Mark Liquorman, In Memory of Bernie & Doris Liquorman

Alyssa Ludwin & Jonathan Ludwin

Jesse Lunin-Pack & Elisabeth Neuberg

Lorielle Mallue & Susan Austin

Anna Marcus & Jeremiah Marcus

Karen Mayer & Chip White

Alyson Mehr

Julie Meslin, on the Occasion of my 42nd birthday - giving myself the gift of community and spiritual growth.

Keith Milkove

Abby Miller & Simon Slater

Jody Miller

Loren Miller, In Memory of my Mother, Carole Miller, who was generous in so many ways and always worked so hard to bring light into our lives on Hanukkah and other celebrations.

Barbara Mittman & Scott Mittman

Deana Morenoff & Michael Arginsky, In Memory of Richard "BDR" Arginsky. We miss you and love you.

Mitchell Nobler, in Honor of all the Covid Front-line health care workers

Michael Nurik

Marisa Office

Julia Oken

Wilda Oken

Deborah Olesh

Rebecca Ostrovsky & Paul Ostrovsky

Sam Ottenhoff & Naomi Hersson-Ringskog

Talma Ovide & Pinchas Ovide

Beth Pearson & Colleen Siegel

Gail Peiffer & Dwight Peiffer

Christine Pincus & Aaron Pincus

Joan Pirie & Izak Breslauer

Joel Pollak & Patricia Pollak

Prue Posner & Joseph Kling

Manisha Ray

Ruth Ray

Gila Reckess, In Honor of Jacob Reckess

Jacob Reckess

Paula Reckess, In Honor of and With Gratitude to Rabbi Brent.  Shana tovah!

Gladys Resnik & Sheldon Resnik

Joan Ritter, In Memory of Leo M. Ritter

Seryl Ritter & Buddy Skydell In Honor of Sandy and Stuart Cahn and In Memory of Stuart 's beloved Mother, OBM

Todd Ritter & Janette Ritter

Noah Rosaler

Lia Rosen & Melanie Baise

Karen Rosenbaum, In Memory of my Great Aunt, Ethyl Rosenbluth who passed away on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 102 years old.

Barry Rosenberg

Robert Rosenfeld & Adrienne Rosenfeld, In Memory of Our Fathers, Fred Rosenfeld and Larry Scharfman

Margaret Ross & David Ross

Chaya Rubin & Daniel Sullivan

Jennifer Rutner

Eric Saiet & Faye Leone

Gina Samardge

Enid Schwartz & Arnold Schwartz, In Honor of our wonderful Grandchildren, Isabelle & Chloe Davis, and Simon & Oliver Buck

Hara Schwartz & Chris Buck

June Shapiro, In Memory of Martin Silver, an early member of BHA.

Margie Shapiro & Joe Shapiro, In Honor of our Grandsons, Grey & Zeke Shapiro

David Silver, In Honor of of Jane Silver Timm's love of your Temple

Jessica Simkovic & Yaakov Weintraub

Rachel Simons & Emily Joslin-Roher

Julie Sissman, In Honor of Brent Spodek's inspiring creativity, innovation and commitment

Eli Smith

Millie Solomon, In Memory of Joseph Gilbert, whose life enhanced the lives of countless others.

Jessica Spiegel & Derek Enos, In Memory of Isabel Sulimanoff

Signy Spiegel & Ted Spiegel

Brent Spodek & Alison Spodek

Shelley Spodek, In Memory of of Tessie Schpiro and In Honor of Rabbi Brent & Cantor Ellen and Noa & Abe Spodek

Sequoia Stalder & Julia Stalder

Bekah Starr & Michael O'Brien

Evelyn Stein, On the Occasion of Ellen and Brent

Barbi Stim

Elaine Suchow & Paul Suchow, In Honor of The BHA community and special thanks to Linda Tafapolsky and Jamie Adams for their Kindness and generosity

Linda Tafapolsky & Jamie Adams, In Honor of my Cousin, Beverly Zuckerman, who worked so hard to help save democracy.

Elizabeth Tanaka & George Tanaka, In Memory of of Abigail Stark Tanaka

Ilene Tanchum, In memory of my Sister, Stacy Tanchum, my Father, Ralph Tanchum, and my Father in Law,Leon Kaplan

Judith Tantleff-Napoli & Anthony Napoli

Judith Taplitz & Paul Davidovits

Jane Timm, In Honor of Our Wedding Anniversary and In Honor of Rabbi Brent & Cantor Ellen 

Marilyn van Raalte

Sharone Vendriger & Michael Garza

Korin Visocchi, on the Occasion of Interfaith Dialogue and Leadership

Heather Wahba-Pallone

John Weisman

Tova Weitzman & Howard Leibovitch

Rebecca Wisotsky & Katya Levitan-Reiner

Eric Witt

Jonathan Zane

Rachel Zollner & Alan Zollner


Fri, October 7 2022 12 Tishrei 5783