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 Sexuality and You: Bodies, Communication, and Jewish Values!

09/04/2019 12:30:35 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Have you wondered how to talk to your children about sexuality, their bodies, and how those intersect with Jewish values? Have you been wondering how to cope with these issues yourself? This year, Elizabeth Greenblatt will be leading a body-positive, gender-inclusive course to guide children and parents as they navigate these issues.

While these classes look through a Jewish lens, they are open to everyone in the community, whether or not you are a member of BHA or Jewish. There will be separate courses for children and for parents (whose children may or may not be attending the children’s program). 

There will be two sessions for parents, helping them to find ways to discuss issues of sexuality with their children, and to process through their own experience of sexuality. 

There will be an eight-session course for children ages 8-11, and a separate eight-session course for children ages 12-15. These courses will give children age-appropriate tools to understand their own emerging sexual identities, to interact with others appropriately, to set boundaries, and to enter adolescence with healthy viewpoints that include knowledge of their own sexuality.

Click here if you would like information about Masa: Jewish Journeys (our Hebrew school). If you have any questions about this course or about education at BHA, please feel free to contact me!

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780