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Another busy week at Masa

09/24/2018 04:15:23 PM


Last week, we spent some time in quiet reflection on Yom Kippur, and then quickly moved towards preparing for the joyful holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. All of the Masa students helped to decorate the sukkah on the Beacon Hebrew Alliance property. The third through seventh grade students did a great job of working together and helping each other on both Friday and Sunday. Our youngest children were patient as the older children helped them to add their decorations to the sukkah.

One of the things we learned about Sukkot is that we focus on things that are temporary. This includes our artwork! The kindergarten students drew pictures of things they would like to harvest, and the first and second grade students drew pictures of how they would invite guests to share Sukkot with them. They used water-based markers for their artwork, so it will begin to fade when it rains, and their artwork may be completely washed away by the end of the holiday!

I'm sure that the children are excited to share their work in decorating the sukkah, and we invite you to stop by BHA this week to check it out!

Next week, we'll be concluding the fall holidays by learning about (and celebrating!) Simchat Torah! There will be a community potluck in the Main Street sukkah, followed by a Torah Parade along Main Street, and then Simchat Torah celebrations back at BHA. Stay tuned for a Simchat Torah themed journal topic later this week!

Our journal topic for next Sunday will be: What is something you do with your family or community every year that makes you feel happy? What do you like about it? What do you hope will be the same the next time you do it? Do you hope anything is different the next time you do it?

Looking a little further ahead, on October 5th, we will have our first Friday evening Mini Minyan and community potluck



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