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Go For Yourselves

10/23/2018 05:05:22 PM


This week in Masa, we explored some of the meanings of the Torah portion Lech Lecha. This is the portion in which the patriarch Avraham is introduced, and the words "Lech Lecha" mean "Go for yourself" or "Go to yourself." Our sixth and seventh grade students agreed to share some of the writing they did as they thought about this portion.

"I think go for yourself means don't go because someone else told you, go because you want to. Don't go because you heard a voice telling you to go, think of the voice as a suggestion of what you can do. You have to go to yourself and decide."

"I think go to yourself means to go into your heart and ask it the question you want to ask. I believe that your heart can tell you anything."

"Go for yourself. This means go to help yourself. The for means to work on, as in 'Go for your homework.' So you are going to make yourself a better person. You need to heal yourself to make life better."

They also made a short skit to share with the younger students at the end of the day. I'm very proud of them for both the depth of their learning and for their willingness to share what they know with others!

As part of our continuing focus on gratitude, the kindergarten through second grade students made tzedakah boxes for their Shabbat bags this week. One way to show our gratitude is to help take care of those in need in our community. BHA member Vera Zelenetsky has been distributing food and supplies to children through the schools, and right now there is a particular need for deodorant, sanitary supplies, and shampoo. If you can bring some of those along with food donations, they will do a great deal to help members of our community!

I strongly encourage families to discuss the week's journal topic in advance. It will help the children to find something to write or draw on Sunday morning, and it's also interesting to learn the different ways we think about the topics!

This week's journal topic will be: "Avraham was grateful for the promises G-d made to him. One way he showed his gratitude was by sharing what he had with other people. What are ways that you can share with other people?"

This week, Masa students will be practicing some songs that will be sung at the community sing-a-long on November first. We very much encourage families to join our whole community for that. The details are in the main newsletter.

Grandfriends' day, November 18, is coming up quickly! There are many people in our community who are looking forward to the chance to spend some time getting to know Masa students, and getting to see what's happening in the program right now. If your child would like to bring a grandfriend of their own, please let me know soon. Otherwise, we will pair children with members of the community.

Rob Lieblein has begun to share a mindfulness workshop with the 3rd-7th grade students. They meet for about 15 minutes on Sundays and Fridays. Read this letter from Rob for more details, and watch for the announcement of an informational meeting for parents!

Reminder: there is no Mini Minyan or potluck this week. Everyone is welcome to join Cantor Ellen for a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday at 7, or to enjoy Shabbat in the way that works best for your family!


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