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Lo Alecha Hamlacha Ligmor

01/22/2020 12:14:36 AM


Julia Gross Alexander

This Sunday, we turned our focus at Masa to the verse from Pirkei Avot that reminds us “You’re not required to complete the task, but you aren’t free to quit working.”  You may know this line from the song "Lo...Read more...

If I Am Only For Myself, What Am I?

01/14/2020 09:54:47 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Last week, we continued to explore the verse from Pirkei Avot where Rabbi Hillel asks “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if...Read more...

Learning from Rabbi Hillel

01/07/2020 04:59:38 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Hillel said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”

We kicked off winter break with a wonderful Hanukkah party. I am glad so many...Read more...

Hanukkah Party Details

12/17/2019 10:42:23 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

As the days outside get darker, I like to look forward to some brightness! We’ve been focused on Hanukkah at Masa. The older students have been especially focused on ways to bring light into darkness: the b-mitzvah class drew a hanukiyah where the candles...Read more...

Being in Community

12/10/2019 11:50:20 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Our B-Mitzvah students led our morning services at Masa this Sunday. We are all studying a verse from Pirkei Avot that begins “Don’t separate yourself from the community.” The oldest students used that as their theme, and...Read more...

Entering the Month of Kislev

12/04/2019 12:07:30 AM


Julia Gross Alexander

I hope everyone had a chance to count their blessings over Thanksgiving weekend! One of our blessings at Masa is that Debbie Broshi has joined us, to teach the 3rd/4th Grade class on Sundays, and to lead project-based sessions on Fridays. Debbie taught in Masa for a number of years, and we are really fortunate to have her back with us!

Both December and the Jewish month of Kislev began last weekend, which means Hanukkah is coming up...Read more...

Grandfriends Day at Masa

11/22/2019 01:00:48 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

It was wonderful to have so many Grandfriends join us! Click on the image below to see the gallery of photos from the event, and check back again soon to see more photos!


Please also take a moment to donate to BHA! Your donations will help our children to "fly to the future"!

Scroll down to see some videos from Grandfriends Day!

Getting Ready for Our Grandfriends

11/19/2019 08:31:09 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Folks who arrived early for pickup last Sunday got a treat! The children were learning some songs, and their voices blended quite beautifully. Some people have asked about listening to the songs we sing at Masa when they’re at home. Here is a link to a Spotify playlist...Read more...

Masa Update

11/12/2019 11:25:51 PM


Julia Gross Alexander

Masa students had a chance to tell the Atid committee about their experiences at BHA last weekend. The students seemed to have a lot to say, and I’m glad that they could have a part in helping to shape the future of our...Read more...

Speaking Little and Doing Much

11/06/2019 10:38:57 AM


Julia Gross Alexander

1:15 Shammai used to say: make your [study of the] Torah a fixed practice; speak little, but do much; and receive everyone with a cheerful face.

As interesting as the conversations can be at Masa, sometimes it’s good to focus on...Read more...

Sat, January 25 2020 28 Tevet 5780