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Rocket Science and Kissing

01/22/2020 10:42:12 AM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

Some people are "rocket science smart" - they can comprehend intricate, complicated things, like how rockets can blast people into space. 

Some people are "kissing smart" - they can master things that are hard to do well, even if they are easy to understand, like how to kiss someone you love. 

I know plenty of people who are smart in one or the other of these ways, but very few...Read more...

Shemot-Rules for Radicals

01/15/2020 04:06:23 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


Jews have been outsmarting, outrunning and outlasting tyrants - both petty and terrifying - since the dawn of human history. 

Here are some tips and tricks from the...

No Hate-No Fear

01/09/2020 10:48:52 AM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

This Guest Teaching is from BHA Board Member, Jesse Lunin-Pack.

This past Sunday I travelled with a group of community members down to New York City for the No Hate - No Fear rally against anti-Semitism put together by a variety of major Jewish...Read more...

Loyalty, Solidarity & Love in the Face of Fear

12/18/2019 01:31:12 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


This has been an extraordinarily difficult month for the Jewish community in America. 

We watched in anguish as the news unfolded of an antisemitic act of terror in a kosher market in Jersey City, committed by a radicalized member of...Read more...

The Beacon Bicycle Menorah Returns

12/11/2019 02:42:48 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek


I am very glad to report that the Beacon Bicycle Menorah will again be up and active in Pohil Park in time for Hanukkah this year. Tremendous thanks to Emily Werb and Ed Benavente for making that happen!

This year, we’ll be honoring...

True Justice

11/20/2019 12:29:45 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

Bryan Stevenson is one of the most powerful advocates for changing, improving and really, healing our country today. 

Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a Montgomery, Alabama-based...Read more...

The Ethics of Binding  Isaac

11/13/2019 02:32:25 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

The binding of Isaac is, by far, one of the most challenging sections of the Torah to read and embrace. How can we possibly take seriously, let alone seek after, a Divinity which commands Abraham to “Take your son… and bring him up there as an...Read more...

Lech lecha

11/06/2019 01:10:53 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

The patriarch Abraham is well into his 90s when the Holy One tells him that he will have a son in this weeks parsha, Lech Lecha. Not only that, this son will inherit his property and his descendants will be more numerous than the stars of the sky. 

Abe has his doubts – “shall a child be born to a man 100 years old?” he asks. Yet the Holy One insists that Abraham will have a child with his wife...Read more...

Welcoming Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg

10/30/2019 01:08:56 PM


Rabbi Brent Spodek

I took a bus to my first meditation retreat, in Accord, NY. Two busses, actually, and then someone was supposed to pick me up when I got off the second bus to take me to Elat Chayyim, the old Jewish retreat center. 

But, my ride never showed up, and...

Death Cafe in the Sukkah

10/22/2019 02:16:27 PM


Matt Harle


I think this may be a story of control submitting to grace. But first some background. For six years now, my synagogue, Beacon Hebrew Alliance in Beacon, NY, has built a sukkah in a public park on Main Street. Each year there’s a different theme,...Read more...

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