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Celebrating Purim

We had some fun and heard the whole megillah on Wednesday night. It was great to see so many families in the middle of the week! I noticed several of our students paying attention to the Hebrew reading, and I hope they recognized some of the vocabulary from the pieces of the story we have been reading at snack time over the past several weeks.

On Friday, we focused on getting ready for the skit at the Purim carnival. We finished up the backdrop for the skit, and had an opportunity to run through the different parts all at one time. 

Then this Sunday was the 25th Annual Purim carnival. I hope the children had a lot of fun! We raised over $800 for programs at BHA, and I know that money will be put to good use!

With Purim finished, my thoughts turn towards spring--and Passover! We are going to be focused on the ins and outs of celebrating Passover for the next three weeks, finishing with a model seder at Masa on April 14. The oldest students are writing the haggadah we will be using for this seder, and they will be leading it. Our younger students will be learning different parts of the seder as well (the four questions, describing the items on the seder plate, and leading the blessings). Parents and families are invited to join us for that seder. Watch the weekly blog posts for more details!

Coming up:

Friday Masa, 4:00
Correction from last week: There WILL be Mini Minyan at 5:30 and Potluck at 6:00 this Friday, March 29. Those will be followed by a special Drumming Shabbat service at 7:00. Bring your percussion instruments, or share one that Cantor Ellen will provide.

Sunday Masa, 9:30-12:30

Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779